100% merino wool

14.5 to 28.0 micron range

8500 MT/ annum capacity

What makes
Jaya Shree wool unique?

Wool tops- quality

Sourcing & Quality

  • We source 100% Merino wool which is of the highest quality in the entire world.
Wool tops- multi-purpose

Versatile Product Range

  • Jaya Shree wool can be used for a variety of purposes and is available in a wide micron range suitable for various applications.
Wool tops- machinery

Advanced machinery

  • We have the best-in-class machinery to process raw wool fibre into wool tops - scouring machine from New Zealand and carding, combing and grilling machines from France and Italy.

Product Range

● Raw White Tops
● Dyed tops

● Wool grease: During the manufacturing process, greasy lanolin is generated as a by-product, which is sold to cosmetic companies that use it as an additive in various beauty products