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Wool facts?

History of Merino Wool

Wool has been used in the clothing industry for ages, from primitive men first clothing themselves in the woolly skins of wild sheep to the ascendancy of wool during the middle ages in Europe.

Merino sheep, known as the source for finest wool, were first reared in Spain. In 1797, the first Merino sheep, derived from the famed Royal Merino flocks of Spain, were introduced in Australia, which is today globally renowned for its Merino wool quality.


Why is Merino Wool unique

Although these Merino sheep had already evolved as the best source of fine fibre, they still went through the selective breeding process to produce the authentic Australian Merino with its even finer wool.

Merino wool is incredibly unique since it is not only thinner than regular wool, but also more adaptable, durable, flexible, safer, and fully sustainable and renewable. In addition, it’s wrinkle-resistant due to its possession of immense elasticity, odour resistant, stain resistant, and fire resistant. All these characteristics make it one of the most versatile fibres in the world.

Merino Wool Farming

Today, Australia possesses the world's most advanced wool industry. No other country has such an efficient, transparent, and highly developed wool marketing system. It has a trained and registered workforce of over 20,000 wool-classers who prepare high-end Merino wool for the world's processors. In order to maintain the utmost transparency, objective laboratory test results are attached to almost every bale of Merino wool exported.

Not only that, but Australia's advanced systems can also trace wool right back to where it was produced, providing consumers with transparency and trust.


Jaya Shree Wool

After sourcing the best quality merino wool, we convert it into wool tops and yarns with premium state-of-the-art machinery.

Today, we are the largest wool top producer in India and a dominant player in the worsted yarn segment.

Wool Properties

Merino Wool’s unique properties make it the finest, most versatile fabric in the world and a preferred choice of renowned fashion houses and designers.

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