We, at the Aditya Birla Group, take pride in the cultural diversity at all our business units spread across geographies. We seek to promote equitable economic growth and ensure more sustainable, inclusive and people-centric development with effective use of technology


We endeavour to establish a fair and equal workplace for all employees. We recruit employees based on their skills and qualifications and provide them with fair remuneration and equal opportunities for career advancement, training and development. We welcome a diversified workforce and select potential employees strictly on merit. We have established a robust employee engagement mechanism and career development plans for our employees so that they can grow as the Company grows. We strive for a common goal of making the workplace a source of creativity, innovation, and self-fulfilment for all employees. We aim to establish a harmonious and lively relationship with our employees and ensure their continuing long-term development.

In addition, we are dedicated to creating safe and healthy workplaces for all employees. To protect our staff, we operate in strict compliance with our occupational health and safety policies and practices. We aim to prevent workplace lost-time incidents by establishing robust safety mechanisms and strengthening our safety management. We operate in strict compliance with local labour laws and regulations where we operate. We instil the importance of establishing a compliant workplace in our employees to prevent any mishap.


At ABG, we want to be the employer of choice for our employees. We endeavor to develop our employees with relevant upskilling and training opportunities where possible, and we conduct regular performance reviews for all employees. Our action plans are strictly followed to guide continuous learning and performance improvement across all the businesses. Our customized approach to nurturing our employees based on the need has proven to be effective.

We promote diversity in the workplace and treat everyone fairly, regardless of age, gender or nationality. We recognize ourselves as an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a safe and

healthy workplace for all employees and we aim to develop a strong culture of safety in our organization. We provide a wide range of benefits for all employees and operate in strict compliance with local labour laws and regulations where we operate.


At ABG, we are dedicated to developing our employees. They undergo a diverse range of career development opportunities and training and we equip them with the relevant skills to develop their potential. In addition, as part of our employee engagement efforts, we have deployed employee engagement channels to identify their grievances and manage them in an effective and timely manner.


We have implemented various training programs to upskill and develop our employees. At our manufacturing units, learning begins at the commencement of the employees’ career. Through learning and development, we empower our employees by developing their business skills and career advancement.

We have established various structured human resource development programmes such as Quality Circle (QC) and Kaizen. Through these programs, we align our employees to develop a sense of belonging, team morale and self-management skills. In addition, we have deployed a skill matrix framework to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of employees, to nurture their strengths effectively. Through analyzing the results of this matrix, we have created a training calendar for all employees to ensure their growth. We regularly review the talent and potential of our employee base. We also identify the potential leadership talent to strengthen our leadership pipeline and stay future proofed at all times.

To embark on our employees on new trainings and diversify their learning, we have started to educate them on environmental, social and technological issues and opportunities such as Circular Economy, Scope 3 emissions, IoT, Global Warming, Artificial Intelligence, Uses of plastics and many more.


In FY2019-20, the following training topics were selected for management and workers at Jaya Shree Textiles:


Risk Analysis and Decision Making
•To develop a culture of responsiveness

Leading Change – Together
•To develop the ability to challenge status quo and thus ushering-in agility
•To develop a collaborative culture

Managing Customer Expectations
•To shift the focus from ‘Make to Stock’ (MOS) to ‘Make to Order’ (MTO)

Dil ki Baat
•To make customer centricity a way of life

General Management Skills - JST & VW
•To develop/ hone general management skills

SA 8000:2014
•Changes in new version, social performance team and their roles and responsibilities, social fingerprint, identification of stakeholders, risk management and risk mitigation


• Culture Change, Alignment & Business Awareness
• General awareness
• Self-awareness – insights and barriers
• Attitude and behavior
• Work ethics and spiritual foundation for work
• Inner conflicts, balancing – roles and goals
• Nature and types of costs in Industries
• Different cost control/mechanisms

Apart from the abovementioned training modules, we conduct regular safety training for employees, workmen and contractors. Furthermore, we conduct business excellence training, sales training, follow-up sessions and online trainings. We also provide on-the-job training and safety induction training for new employees

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As Linen Spinning plant IV was going through optimisation post its commissioning in FY 2017-18, all the newly joined workforce were trained on different work systems & safety practices in FY2018-19. There was a reduction of 4% at ILT, 46% at ITS and 30% at JST, while rest of the unit saw increase in the total training hours. VW training hours grew by 90% while that of TAF, PTS, and PTE grew by 15%, 5% and 3% respectively.

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During the FY 2019-20, PTE, PTS, TAF, VW and ILT increased there per capital training hours. TAF per capita training hours increased by 28%, while that of other units there were increase in single digit.


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We endeavour to increase our employee satisfaction, motivation and empower them to deliver performance and productivity. We reward our employees in recognition of their contributions through various means to continuously and effectively motivate them.

In addition, we have 7 formal communication forums between our senior management and employees to increase employee engagement:

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We organized numerous employee engagement activities, including festival celebrations, competitions and plantation day. We also have several platforms where innovative thinking is encouraged, including internal competitions such as:

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Town Hall Meeting with CEO to update information. Encourage team to ask questions of management and give their feedback. During these meetings everyone to understand the goals of the organization.

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Plant visit by Ms. Rajashree Birla & Senior Executive

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The program ‘REPRISM’ brings together entry-level and young employees, who compete with

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Regular meet ups by the leadership assist in building good rapport with the employees.

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We help our employees, leaders and teams to build an innovation mindset focused on creating the future of work, customer experience and employee experience. We celebrate our achievement. Extra activities also provide sense of belonging to our employees.

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Employee Recognition is paramount in a workplace. When employees are well recognized they feel empowered and motivated. We encourage our employees to take further steps to boost their career also we provide them opportunity to build caring human potential (Picnic for Employee & family by company), we reward our employees to further assist them in their career growth.

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Cultural events provide us with the opportunity to witness our employee talents, hobbies and brings personal belonging to the organization. We celebrated Culture Night at ABYTM Day Event.

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Events keeps us interested in our life. Our employees are source of live energy that brings organization a live space. Cooking competition held among employees were positively received by our employees.

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Planting trees is an awesome way for your team to give back and connect with nature. We organize tree planting events in various units and it is received positively

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Meeting of production leaders at PT Indo Liberty Textiles is held almost every month. This meeting is conducted with the aim of:
1. Provide guidance on the performance of subordinates to stay in accordance with the vision and mission of the organization.
2. Remind the subordinates to always apply Standard Operational Procedures in each of the jobs he does.
3. Delivering information that is considered important in the implementation of the work.
4.Communicate the thoughts of the leader to his subordinates, so that the subordinates align and follow the leader’s thoughts.

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PT. Indoliberty Textiles held Fire Fighting Competition, Safety Quiz program And OHS Poster Slogan.


International Labour Organization (ILO) is our guiding international standard to ensure that we implement free and fair employment practices in the Group. We carry out management system audits, formal monitoring programs and grievance mechanisms to bring to our attention any deviations in our practice. Discrimination on any grounds of race, nationality, gender, religion, political opinion and social origin is a BIG no-no. We are also strictly against the use of forced and child labor. Regular monitoring measures have been developed to prevent such transgressions. We also perform a rigorous process of due diligence as per supplier’s code of conduct before engaging suppliers to ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

At all our units there are labor unions and we continuously engage with them and respect their rights. The labor unions at some of our sites have been positively contributing to improving safe and healthy working conditions.

In FY2019-20, there were no reported cases of discrimination, child labor and forced labor. We ensure that multiple benefits are provided to our full-time employees for their welfare. Apart from the benefits that are required by law, we also provide life insurance, healthcare, medical insurance, transportation services and housing. We ensure equal remuneration to male and female employees based on their experience and qualification. We also have robust procedures to identify instances of non-compliance with labor laws.

We have a grievance redressal box available to all employees to inform the management of their grievances. The resolution process would involve all parties in a formal forum to come to a collective decision. We are happy to report that there have been no grievances reported in FY2019-20.


All of our employees enjoy a variety of benefits to promote work-life harmony. We believe that employee well-being is of utmost importance and we go above and beyond the local labour requirements to ensure their welfare.

26 weeks of parental leave, transportation, extra paid holidays and housing where necessary to our permanent employees.

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Cancer Cervic Training on prevention of cervical cancer

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ABYTM Day activities are: Sport Competition, We organize sports day to keep employees involved and bring the energy into the organization

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The Inter Unit Sport Competition held in PT Indo Liberty Textiles,. The participations is All Management Cadre and All Staff. Sports competed are single / double Badminton, Volley Ball, single / double Tennis Table and Futsal for Men and Women.

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To commemorate World AIDS Day ( December 1st), PT Indoliberty Textiles Conduct the HIV and AIDS Training for Employees, both at the Management Cadre level, Staff or Representatives of Operators

Diversity and Equality

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In order to ensure proper implementation of health and safety measures, we have set up Health, Safety and Environmental (“HSE”) committees at all entities to monitor and advise on occupational health and safety programs.

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Safety training, rehearsal and planning of evacuation and managing crisis

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Proper documentation is crucial to identify and assess hazards and unsafe working conditions. We provide trainings to identify, document and assess our unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.

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Safety department personnel providing guidance to their team members and other employees on dealing with any safety issues

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During the FY 2019-20, our focus was solely on reducing the number of injuries, for which JST prepared the Safety Manual. We also launched a Safety Incentive scheme started for contractual workers to motivate them towards safety. We extensively covered tool box talks at different JST departments & project areas for hazard communication & to motivate employees towards safety. We also organized tool box talks at a mass level. We also formed contractual safety rules and linked to Progressive Consequence Management. We provided safety training on:

• Contractor safety training meeting conducted on contractor safety rules, Revised Consequence Management and Scope of Improvement with respect to safety
• Fire & Safety Training,TBT is being conducted at different department regular basis
• Safety patrolling is done on regular basis & observations are communicated to the concerned department & contractor for their rectification.

Our focus on Safety has significantly increased, at our Vikram wollens sites, we conducted awareness session for all staff by DT sustainability Head and workmen by operation Head in all shifts in which Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing system) was created on both machines. In order to check the preparedness, we initiated weekly surprise visit of one management staff in the Night shift. We also have begun certified course on BBS (Behavior Based Safety) which was arranged for 28 influencers/core members of the unit. Contractor Safety Rules formed & linked to Progressive Consequence Management. We regularly conduct mock drills and other things in order to minimize our injury rate.

During the year, we undertook much Safety patrolling on a regular basis & its observations are recorded and communicated to the concerned department & contractor for their rectification.

We conducted various Contractor safety training meeting conducted on contractor safety rules, revised Consequence Management and Scope of improvement.

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We believe in Safety first approach. All the employees are encouraged to prioritise Safety as part of their every day job & responsibility. "Safety person award" honours employees who have shown leadership in every action & simultaneously helped in imbibing safety culture at their workplace


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We at Aditya Birla Group recognize the valuable role that business can play in the longer-term protection of human rights. We are committed to respecting the human rights of our workforce, communities and those affected by our operations irrespective of location (including our contractors and suppliers) in line with internationally recognized frameworks including the Social Accountability 8000 International Standard and its associated international instruments. Our commitment entails respecting human rights and seeking to avoid involvement in human rights abuses, identifying, assessing and minimizing potential adverse impacts through due diligence and management of issues, and resolving grievances from affected stakeholders effectively.


WASH Pledge commits to ensure appropriate access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all employees on all premises. The pledge supports the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal – 6, ‘Ensure access to water and sanitation for all’.

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In FY2019-20, the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in a global pandemic which had an unprecedented impact worldwide. During these unsettling times, we stay committed to prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, workmen their family members and the complete eco system with which we operate including our vendors, customers, contractors.



• Adequate safety measures
• Employee Communication and Training
• Perform risk assessment
• Self-declaration prior to resuming work
• Quarantine and Occupational Health Centre (“OHC”) facility to facilitate employees’ and workers’ access to medical and healthcare service
• Set up an Executive Committee to monitor COVID-19 updates and ensure that operations are in compliance with safety protocols on a daily basis


• Flexible working arrangements to allow work from home
• Adequate provision of essential items such as masks
• Disinfection / Sanitization
• Released advisories to all employees on regular frequency
• Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P) for Resumption of Operations post lifting of COVID-19 Lock Down


Safety measures
• Entry/exit measures (social distancing, daily temperature screening, health declaration, etc.)
• Regular disinfection at the premises

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COVID 19 precautionary measures undertaken as per SOP developed by the team, continuos monitoring and keeping vigil has paid us to restart our operation without glitch

In recognition of our efforts to combat COVID-19, Vikram Woollens at Malanpur received a surprise visit from the local officials who appreciated our social distancing and self-declaration practices. In addition, 18 employees were awarded for their security and housekeeping services during the COVID-19 lockdown.


At ABG Textiles, we explore alternate approaches towards product, process and technology to achieve our innovation targets. We continuously encourage our employees to come up with improvement ideas with respect to operational procedures and product quality. We also have formal communication forums between our senior management and employees to deliberate on improvement ideas. Such ideas are evaluated, pursued and rewarded in a transparent manner.