Our People

We at JST and VW strive for a common goal of making the workplace a source of creativity, innovation, and self-fulfilment for all employees. Keeping this in mind, we continue to offer employees resources that support career growth, health, wellbeing and safety, as well as competitive pay and benefits programs. We also embrace the power of a diverse team and an inclusive culture in helping to unleash the full potential of our employees.


Principals of accountability and inclusivity are integral to the labour management processes employed at JST and VW. We are an equal opportunity employer and are intolerant to any kind of discrimination at the workplace. Gender equality features high up on our employee agenda and several measures have been taken to promote diversity at the workplace.

Learning and Development

We believe in capacity building of each employee in our company, as it provides the employees with the benefits of personal growth. It also benefits our community, key stakeholders and organization. Our HR and L&D team carries out training needs assessment surveys, where the source of training need, target group, objective and the budget are assessed. Based on the approval of the study a training calendar is developed and the respective courses are designed.

Personal Development and Visibility

We also have several platforms where innovative thinking is encouraged, including internal competitions such as Reprism. We also encourage our employees to come up with improvement ideas with respect to operational procedures and product quality. We also have 7 formal communication forums between our senior management and employees:

Mr. Ranjan BanerjeeHR Head

We also collaborate with serveral partners who helps us to fullfil our social vision and inclusive growth particularly for apparel products, are made by the women of the family. Hence it is important for us to have a representation of them in the serving board of directors of the company. We have prioritized improving gender diversity within the organization to improve our connectivity with the primary customer base in the apparel and fashion-industry.

Health & Safety

We have instituted a reporting mechanism for all the 13 Department Safety Committees (DSC). A Central Safety Committee has an oversight with an active involvement of the Unit Head for any issue or unsafe act resolution.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) tool is used to identify and quantify the risk of all the activities taking place in the plant. Basis these, action plans are prepared and implemented with short lead times. There is a representation of employees and workmen in the safety committees (50% each). The weekly safety meetings address concerns on incidents reported and equipment health. As per our SA 8000 standard, a social performance team is in place. With a worker or trade union participation of 50-60 people, the management team carries our quarterly or yearly meetings as a redressal forum.
JST & VW has been continuously working towards WASH Pledge initiatives. We have implemented the following initiatives under the WASH Pledge
  • Separate and special Toilets for Physically Challenged persons entering plant premises.
  • Self-dispensing soap solutions across the plant wash basins
  • Improved hygiene of Canteens, Toilets by improving infrastructure & ventilation systems
  • Systemized cleaning procedures & implemented standard PPEs usage by cleaners
Our WASH score was 1.98 in FY 2017-18 and 2.0 for FY 2018-19.

Employee and Labour Relations

We have robust procedures to identify instances of non-compliance with labour laws. Monitoring through management system audits, formal monitoring programs, grievance mechanisms and annual workmen and employee satisfaction surveys, we ensure any transgressions are recorded and resolved.

We also perform a rigorous process of due diligence before employing suppliers to ensure a clean, sustainable, and ethical supply chain. In FY 2017-18, we have had no reported cases of discrimination, child labour and forced labour.

We encourage diversity and equal opportunity. By 2020, our target is to increase women employees by 10 %. Apart from the benefits provided to women through compliance with the labour laws, we also provide the following amenities to our female employees.

  • Standard hiring age for workmen men is 18 to 30 whereas for women it is 18 to 35
  • Women are encouraged not to stay beyond 6 PM.
  • Meeting with the CEO once in every year