Enabling Sustainability through Digital Transformation

Mr. Saugata BasuChief Information Officer

In a move towards building a more efficient and transparent supply chain, we are implementing smart warehouses across our businesses. We plan to leverage on technologies such as RFID, Wireless & IoT Technology to strengthen the planning and optimization of our logistics. Implementation of these technologies will enhance the logistical capabilities in our warehouses and stores and also improve productivity.

Digital technologies are disrupting the way business is conducted. They are being leveraged by leading businesses to manage resource and energy inputs more effectively using connected devices, data driven analytics, automated decision making, predictive maintenance, and other applications. Our textile business is incorporating digital solutions to make our operations including our supply chains more efficient, safer and more economical.

We take a holistic approach to quality management which demands us to strictly adhere to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) coupled with a continuous process control mechanism. We are also equally committed to ensuring worker safety at our sites as well as high levels of operational efficiency. Applying the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics in our operations can help us achieve all these objectives – product quality, worker safety and optimized operational efficiency. We are under the process of implementing a real-time monitoring system at our plant, which we will leverage to optimise our operations through digital transformation.

In addition to this we have also leveraged digital solutions for optimizing logistics in our supply chain. We monitor GPS-enabled vehicles and analyse the data to optimize efficiency of logistics, reduce lead time, and mitigate risk of incidents on the road. Therefore, digital solutions in our supply chain are unlocking multiple benefits – economic, environmental as well as social.

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