Future Proofing

Mr. Thomas Varghese
Business Head

We recognize that specific themes have emerged as key focus areas for achieving sustainability excellence, given the risks and opportunities for the business and the environment we operate in.

Future Proofing means being prepared for the different ways in which our operating environment may change, understanding the risks and opportunities these shifts could offer to the businesses and proactively shaping strategy to succeed in a future we want to see. Globalization has disrupted isolated systems and created a world of collaboration. There is no scope for a business to operate in a silo. The shift towards integrated organizational structures with a bottom-up approach has been the focus of the transitioning economies. Businesses need to make themselves resilient to evolving risks and be open to new opportunities; we at Aditya Birla Group, refer to this as future-proofing.

At a Group level, we have partnered with the “Forum for Future”, a collaboration that we aim to build on to make better decisions today, for our tomorrow.
  • What is Future Proofing?

    Futureproofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing action points to seize opportunities and minimize risk to business
  • How it works

    Future Proofing is a systematic comprehensive way of analysing how Mega trends (macrotrends)
    • Might play out in the future
    • The likelihood of their occurrence
    • And their impact on our business
  • Outcome of the exercise

    • Might play out in the future
    • The likelihood of their occurrence
    • And their impact on our business

  • Scope

    Project initiation meeting Project team formation Agree project plan Agree key stakeholders
  • Research

    Research within the textile businesses Interviews with external and internal stakeholders Initial prioritsation of trends and factors Information processing
  • Augment scenarios

    Incorporate research synthesis within existing ABG scenarios & augment them Capacity building exercises with all stakeholders
  • Scenario planning & roadmap

    Comprehensive assessment of risks & opportunities in the textile businesses within the scenarios Synthesis of initial plans
  • Finalise roadmap

    Working sessions with core team to transform the plans into roadmaps and action plans

Key Risks and Opportunities